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eLearning Blueprints November 3, 2007

Posted by B.J. Schone in eLearning.
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I don’t know Cathy Moore, but I like her. A lot. I stumbled onto her web site while reading an article on Clive Shepherd’s blog, Clive on Learning. Cathy is a writer and eLearning expert that breathes fresh air into the too-often dull and boring world of eLearning. She takes an original approach by using common sense and humor when designing learning materials (this sounds easy, but it isn’t). Based on the work I see on her web site, I’m impressed and jealous at the same time. Sorry to use a cliché, but she takes things to the next level.

Cathy is introducing a new project called Elearning Blueprints, which looks very interesting. She describes as follows:

The blueprint is an online tool that teaches basic instructional design and walks you through the planning and writing process. It’s designed to be used while you work on an elearning project, though you can also use it as a standalone course.

Always available: Use the blueprint whenever you need to develop elearning materials.

Immediate results: Worksheets and other job aids help you immediately apply the process to your current project.

Works with any topic: Get the skills and procedures you need to tackle any subject matter.

Works with any tool: Use the blueprint with any elearning tool, including rapid development tools.

Elearning Blueprints is currently in beta; I haven’t seen it in action yet. But the idea is solid and I think it could be very helpful for subject matter experts, instructional designers, and almost anybody else developing eLearning materials. I’m anxious to take it for a test drive. (And I hope the blueprints help us further distance ourselves from Gagne’s Nine Dull Commandments, as described by Donald Clark.)

Cathy’s blog is great, too. Check it out.



1. Somdotta - November 6, 2007

I guess you are right. I stumbled upon her blog some time back, and now whenever I do a google-search for some ID stuff, I somehow happen to visit her site through some link. Weird, I know. But I like it!!

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