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Learning and Technology Conferences June 14, 2008

Posted by B.J. Schone in eLearning.
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This happens to me every few months: I’ll hear about a great conference that took place for learning and technology professionals just a few days after it occurred. Bummer. So I wanted to open up this week’s post to get your input (please!). What learning and technology conferences have you attended, and would you recommend them?

I’ll go first: I made it to the Training Magazine 2006 conference and thought it was great. They had fantastic keynote speakers and the sessions covered a wide spectrum of topics. I’ve also been to several of the eLearning Guild’s conferences (Annual Gathering 2007 and 2008 and DevLearn 2007). These have been my favorites, especially in terms of networking with colleagues and seeing excellent example/case studies. I don’t plan on missing any of these going forward.

Now it’s your turn: I look forward to your input!

(P.S. – I wrote this blog post on my phone, so please excuse the lack of links in the post and any weird formatting issues.)


1. M Friedman - June 14, 2008

Check out the list of eLearning and Gaming conferences posted at e-Clippings (Learning As Art) blog. A large list was recently posted there for commentary, containing more than 50 current conferences.

2. Elizabeth - June 16, 2008

The one I referenced in my last comment on mLearning was the Innovations in e-learning symposium at George Mason University. I really enjoyed it for it’s variety in attendants, speakers, and material. Since I am always stuck in the clouds of higher ed, it was awesome to hear some commentary from various government and military representatives. Plus, they had an amazing keynote ~ Sid Meyer; a world renown video game developer; he had great “gamer” insight into the development of technology in education and the importance of delivery and retention. Fingers crossed that the officients of the conference will put some of the symposium materials online – this is so key for conferences! I would recommend this conference for sure. :o)


3. B.J. Schone - June 17, 2008

Good info – thanks M Friedman and Elizabeth! The list over on the e-Clippings site is great.

I also found a list of international eLearning conferences. Now, if I could only convince upper management that I *really* need to attend conferences in Australia, Brazil, and Malaysia. 🙂

4. Janet Clarey - June 18, 2008

How about the Innovations in Learning Conference?

5. B.J. Schone - June 18, 2008

Thanks, Janet! I’d love to make it there, and the Fairmont in San Jose is a great location.

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