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No More eLearning Software May 13, 2011

Posted by Eric Matas in eLearning, Theory.
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I cursed myself in a current post (What I Like About eLearning) when I included a semi-sarcastic comment about having umpteen programs open on my computer every day in order to get my elearning work done.

Since then I have articulated at least one non-HR-approved word in reaction to slow computer action or even crashes. I need more memory. I need dedicated video memory. I need software that doesn’t take so much of my computer’s resources! (I love you Adobe.)

Or maybe I need to just get all the software and even the operating system off my machine all together! Can it work for elearning professionals?

Can it work for you?



1. Sara Kimet - May 13, 2011

So, would there be elearning software on the web that I log into so I can still make my lovely training modules?

Eric Matas - May 13, 2011

I think so. Like blogging software or Aviary for sound and graphics, we’ll log into the tools and keep the clutter off our web machines. We’ll be wanting super-fast wifi then!

2. Weasel Terrahawk - May 13, 2011

I’d be interested to see what kind of audience jumps on the Chromebooks. It’s kind of like the iPad; it’ll appeal to a wide audience, but it will be the most useful in certain situations, such as eLearning. I’m glad that I have 8GB of RAM in my computer… I don’t really have to worry much at all!

Eric Matas - May 13, 2011

Weasel – don’t you find, even with 8gb of RAM that the display of video can slooooowwww down when you are rocking your video games? Or do you have something special for video under the hood?

3. Shonit - May 13, 2011

Are you a PC because a MAC would never complain like that. WAIT! Did you actually buy the ChromeBook?

Don’t you get it, the logo/icon for this monstrosity is an eye which WATCHES everything you do. According to South Park’s S15 E1: Apple does that too…

So… “good for you,” to sellout to Microsoft and not being watched, because I really don’t mind the attention, while I get things done in a jiffy, or in other words, my macbook pro (same difference)

Eric Matas - May 13, 2011

My daughter says a new word “ohmje” which is a prounced version of OMG, alternative of articulating the letters, “oh, em, gee.”

So ohmje.

Nobody MACs-are-better-than-PCs me — especially a South Park fan. (Snap.) And especially not the guy who convinced me to buy a MAC!

Now the world knows it: Eric’s living a dual life…PC by day, MAC by night. Who is he?

4. Virtualhse - June 9, 2011

Is this elearning software helpful in making learning modules without making the system slow???

5. Meg Bertapelle - June 10, 2011

have you tried Zebra? it’s in beta, but kinda awesome 🙂

6. Ayesha Habeeb Omer, Ph.D - July 9, 2011

Here are great webinars on designing effective elearning. http://www.commlabindia.com/designing-elearning-programs/

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