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Too Hot for eLearning July 19, 2011

Posted by Eric Matas in eLearning, Theory.
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eLW Moved to elwmag.comBy the time school let out each summer, I was already done learning. Sure, classes were wrapping up and testing was done, but I was intellectually checked-out because it was too hot for learning.

Right now, in the midwest especially, the heat and humidity are collaborating to ruin everyone’s days. The dew point is so high that windows and glasses are sweating. Everyone is so sticky in the muggy air that nothing seems like a good idea. Except maybe a thunderstorm.

Does the misery make elearning difficult? I think so.

Are there better times during the year to schedule elearning? Can designers and developers control the environments in which our learners launch elearning? These questions always make me think about flight simulators. In a flight simulator, you can control the environment — make it shake or even make it hot! So, I imagine the ideal Personal Learning Environment (PLE) — a utopic  arrangement of computer, desk, mouse, beverage, snack, window, lamp, and whatever else at whatever temperature at whatever time, wherever suits the learner best. Perhaps with soft classical music wafting in the background.
photo thermometer 100 degrees
I like the list Prometheus Training uses to prep learners for optimal elearning — is anyone else using such tips? Is anyone else melting? Are your screens dripping with dew?

Photo Credit: greggoconnell

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1. Rob Catalano - July 19, 2011

Just like any learning, the eLearning enviroment depends on the audience, the topic, and the desired results. In some cases, the ideal eLearning environment is on top of a utility pole with a smart phone to access repair information. In others it could be in a computer lab setting with some interaction with other learners and a facilitator. And, of course, it could be at home office in your pajamas at 11 p.m. after the kids have gone to bed.

2. Kevin Corbett - July 19, 2011

I remember doing a workshop in San Diego at a school that had no AC. It would get so hot the computers would stop working completely. Not a conducive environment for man nor machine!
The beauty of online learning of course is the ability to choose when and where you teach AND learn! 🙂

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