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DevLearn 2008: A Case Study of Mobile Learning at Qualcomm October 17, 2008

Posted by B.J. Schone in eLearning.
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I will be presenting Session 702: Virtually Anywhere: A Case Study of Mobile Learning at Qualcomm, at DevLearn 2008 next month along with a co-worker, Barbara Ludwig. Here’s a quick summary of what we’ll cover in this session:

Mobile technologies are transforming the way we work. But are we harnessing their potential to transform the way employees learn?

Discover how Qualcomm Incorporated, a digital wireless technology company, is extending the reach of training outside the classroom, using a variety of mobile devices including cell phones, iPods, and eReaders such as the Amazon Kindle. See how Qualcomm uses mobile technology to deliver learning resources employees need when they need them, and turns those "in between," otherwise wasted moments into micro-learning experiences.

We will look at how Qualcomm overcame challenges in implementing mLearning, such as designing for disparate platforms and devices, integration with the larger corporate learning infrastructure, security, and keeping ahead of rapidly changing technologies. In this session, we will conclude with a look at new trends in technology such as Web 2.0, social collaboration and networking, games and simulations, and location awareness, and we will examine their potential for mobile learning.

We’ve learned some great lessons while working with mLearning over the past several months. (In fact, Qualcomm was doing mLearning waaay before I got there.) I’m anxious to talk about our experiences, and I hope I can help others save some time and/or frustration. Stop in and say hello before, during, or after my session if you’re there. I’m glad to chat about anything (m/eLearning related or not) and meet new folks.



1. Rory - October 18, 2008

Sadly won’t be able to attend – yet would very much like to connect with you as we’re working on mLearning initiatives in our organization as well. (http://learnlearnlearn.wordpress.com/2008/10/15/mlearning-pilot-learning-on-a-blackberry/)

2. Tod Browndorf - October 23, 2008


I’d like to try and connect at the conference in San Jose. Your last 2 postings are relevant to my experience. I’ve created applications with BREW, and am interested in mLearning, and to the LMS frustrations: Vendors will guard their territory and create LMS’s, which, by their nature, are the antithysis of a succesful learninng exchange, the foundations of which are behaviorism, cognitivism, and constructivism.

3. B.J. Schone - October 23, 2008

Hi Tod,

Sure – I’d be happy to meet up with you at DevLearn. Keep an eye on Twitter to find me at the conference (http://twitter.com/bjschone). I will also be facilitating 2 of the Breakfast Byte sessions; you can find me using the program guide. Or you can always email me: bjschone (at) gmail.

4. Stacy D. - November 9, 2008

Hi BJ & Tod (talking ’bout a revolution you are re LMS frustrations): I hope to meet you guys at Dev Learn as well!

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[…] was the final day of DevLearn, and technically, it was only a half-day. I presented Session 702: Virtually Anywhere: A Case Study of Mobile Learning at Qualcomm, along with Barbara Ludwig. (The slides are below; I’ll try to get the handouts posted […]

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