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More eLearning Job Resources November 4, 2008

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Building upon a previous blog post, I’ve listed a bunch more great resources to help you find a job in the field of learning and technology (a.k.a. eLearning). Happy hunting!

Do you have other resources to share? If so, please add a comment!


eLearning Jobs November 29, 2007

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Note: There is a newer post related to eLearning jobs, with more links and resources.

eLW moved to eLWmag.comIt’s always a good idea to keep an eye on what types of jobs are available, no matter what your field or specialty. Here are some of the best resources I’ve found for eLearning jobs. Take a look – you may find something that grabs your interest. And please feel free to comment if you can suggest other resources.

Happy hunting!

Using Social Networks for Learning July 6, 2007

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There’s a new video available from CommonCraft called “Social Networking in Plain English.” I highly recommend that you give it a watch (see below). The video explains the power of networks and how people can benefit from them (ex. finding a job from a friend, finding a mate, etc.). Then it goes into detail about social networks and how they work.

After you watch the video, take the concept a step further and think of social networking in terms of learners and subject matter experts. As an eLearning professional, I always look for ways to help people find the information they need either before they need it or in real-time (as they need it). How can we create social networks for learning? How can we more directly connect people of a particular trade or job function via social network? LinkedIn is the closest example I’ve seen of this, particularly the LinkedIn Answers service. I think this is the start of something very cool.

I highly recommend the other videos available from CommonCraft. Wikis in Plain English and RSS in Plain English are excellent, especially for people new to these technologies.