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eLearning Jobs November 29, 2007

Posted by B.J. Schone in eLearning.
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Note: There is a newer post related to eLearning jobs, with more links and resources.

eLW moved to eLWmag.comIt’s always a good idea to keep an eye on what types of jobs are available, no matter what your field or specialty. Here are some of the best resources I’ve found for eLearning jobs. Take a look – you may find something that grabs your interest. And please feel free to comment if you can suggest other resources.

Happy hunting!



1. Christy Tucker - November 29, 2007

Although it isn’t strictly e-learning, some instructional design and instructional technology positions are posted on Higher Ed Jobs. Where ASTD, for example, tends to be more corporate positions, this site is all academic. Just thought some of your readers in the higher ed realm might be interested!

2. B.J. Schone - November 30, 2007

Thanks, Christy. Good suggestion.

I should have also pointed out that many of these sites are only for US jobs, except for The E-Learning Marketplace and eLearningCareers.com. If you know of more resources (either US-only or international), please post them!

3. Laura Kratochvil - December 1, 2007

I have a question related to the elearning jobs overall…are there any groups/sites that focus on work-at-a-distance, I guess this would be more of a freelance idea, but just more focussed on a virtual office jobs/projects?

4. B.J. Schone - December 1, 2007

Hi Laura! That’s a good question. I found a list of the The Top 20 Sites for Locating Freelance Work, which may be helpful. But I don’t know of any resources that are solely for freelance eLearning specialists/experts/gurus such as yourself. πŸ™‚ But please let us know if you find anything along these lines!

5. Jason Haag - May 15, 2008

Simply Hired, http://www.simplyhired.com, is another jobsite similar to Indeed. I’ve found these types of jobsites very useful as they aggregate feeds from all of the top jobsites, (e.g. careerbuilder, dice, monster, etc.).

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7. Andrew - October 5, 2009

I have a friend that supported cleints under sum total from an IT and application learning of their product. What other companies can she look at for a similiar job

8. Sergey - June 14, 2010

I would like to recommend odesk.com, it always has a few e-learning jobs open, and both buyers and providers are very qualified most of the time.

9. thabang thupana - August 25, 2010

pls help me grow my e-learner centre with your material

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11. Smita - November 24, 2011

I want to know about how to get a online job….please do help me.

12. Jobs ,Vacancies & Careers UK - December 9, 2011

Some great resources here for people looking for e-learning jobs. There are some more out there but this list is a great starting point for people looking to break into this sector.

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