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The gLearning Challenge January 31, 2009

Posted by B.J. Schone in eLearning.
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The eLearning Guild has announced an interesting challenge for their upcoming Annual Gathering conference in Orlando. It’s called The gLearning Challenge and the concept is to create a learning solution using ONLY Google products. Here’s a more thorough description, from their web site:

The gLearning Challenge is your chance to use the slew of free and easy-to-use Google tools to showcase your e-Learning design chops. Your entry must use any, or many, of these free Google tools to create a course, a module, or even some informal learning. Get Creative! Win Prizes! Be crowned the Master of gLearning!

The suggested list of tools includes:

Submissions will be accepted until Friday, March 6, 2009.

Read more about The gLearning Challenge.



1. Mark Smithers - February 1, 2009

Really, what is the point of this? Google have a great search engine and lots of good products but they aren’t as pure as they make out to be. Even if they were I can’t see why you would restrict this comp to just Google. If it is to open it up to as many people as possible by using free products then why not just stipulate the use of open source or free software.

2. B.J. Schone - February 1, 2009

Hi, Mark… Thanks for your comment, and you raise a good question. I would make two guesses: 1) The challenge is somehow sponsored by Google and/or 2) It’s just lighthearted challenge to see what people can do when competing with each other using the same (free) tools. After reading your comment, I think there could easily be two challenges: A gLearning Challenge, and a challenge where contestants have to create learning solutions using only free tools (and then show how they did it).

3. RBoland - February 5, 2009

Perhaps then eLearningWeekly should launch an fLearning challenge to coincide or compete… Free software. Think of the publicity!

4. Heidi Fisk - February 12, 2009


The gLearning Challenge was just created to have some fun… Google is not sponsoring it – but Google, if you are listening out there, please feel free to do so 😉

Since the Annual Gathering attracts a lot of e-Learning designers, we just thougth it would be fun to ask them what can you create for “free”… we limited it to Google tools just to help folks focus their efforts… and we are considering other options for future events… but we just wanted to keep it simple for this first time effort…

The Guild was created to help e-Learning professionals connect and share their ideas and collective knowledge… this is just opportunity to show some fun design, put a spin on the challenge, and share what you know…

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