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A Few Great Captivate Tips April 14, 2008

Posted by B.J. Schone in eLearning.
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I ran across some great Captivate tips over the past few days. Even though a few of them have been floating around for a while, they’re still very useful. Enjoy!

Highlight Boxes in Reverse

Here’s a neat trick for drawing attention to an object on the screen in a Captivate simulation.

Multiple Levels of Feedback

Ever want to give a learner several levels of feedback when they’re attempting to complete a task in a Captivate simulation? A post on eLearningLive.com and on Silke’s blog. Yes, the tip has been around for a while, but it’s still very useful. Take a look if you’re not familiar with the idea.

Publishing Adobe Captivate files on YouTube

Below is a snippet of an article taken from Adobe’s site… Check it out here.

YouTube is the number one video sharing site and a great place to post educational videos and how-to tutorials. The only problem is that YouTube doesn’t support the SWF file format, which is currently the only format Adobe Captivate generates.

This article explains a simple and quick workaround to turn even interactive Adobe Captivate content into passive videos in a format you can post to YouTube.


1. Wendy - April 17, 2008

BJ – Love the blog and very cool captivate tips (yes – spending a sleepless night trying stuff out on Captivate. How geeky is THAT?)

Hopefully – I’ll run into you at the conference before we all leave on Thursday.

2. elearning - November 18, 2008

Thanks for your tips!

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