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Jing: My New Favorite Application May 1, 2008

Posted by B.J. Schone in eLearning.
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I usually don’t get very excited about new applications, but I’m pretty pumped about Jing. Download it now if you haven’t already: both Mac and PC versions are available. So, what is it? Jing is a free application that masterfully lets you take screenshots and record desktop capture videos (up to 5 minutes long). What’s so special about that? Jing then automatically uploads your screenshot (as a .png) or video (as a .swf) to a location you specify – and then it copies the item’s URL to your clipboard. You can have Jing automatically place your captures on an internal server at your organization, or you can take advantage of a free account at ScreenCast.com and post your work there. Jing is incredibly easy to use, and I think you’ll see its value within the first minute or two you use it. In fact, this description is more complicated than actually using it. So I’m going to stop there. Go download Jing now! (And, no, I wasn’t paid for this endorsement!)

Jing is brought to you by TechSmith, the makers of SnagIt and Camtasia Studio. Special thanks to Anton Bollen at TechSmith. I met Anton at AG08 and his excitement about Jing was obvious…and contagious!



1. Kerry McGuire - May 2, 2008

Whoa! I just downloaded this and tried it out… I have to agree… LOVE IT! It’s simple to use and great for doing quick demos. I love the fact that I can quickly put in highlights, text boxes, and arrows right when I capture it. Most tools allow for these features, but not as seemlessly as Jing does. I’m converted!

2. Leigh Anne McIntyre - May 8, 2008

B.J.: I was wondering if you’d take a look at this software as well: http://www.instructionalspice.com

3. B.J. Schone - May 9, 2008

Hi Leigh Anne. I just signed up for a demo. Looking forward to trying out the service. By the way, it took me a few minutes to figure out how to sign up. You may want to add a big, bold button on the home page that says START HERE (to sign up), because I was about to bail on the site.

I’ll provide feedback after I’ve had time to kick the tires… Looks interesting, though!


4. Leigh Anne McIntyre - May 9, 2008

B.J. – Thanks for the fast review of the software! I really appreciate it. We’re acting on your feedback right away. Let me know if you have any more suggestions.

Warm regards,
Leigh Anne

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